Whitelands LASAR Symposium 27/10/2017

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LASAR yearly symposium was convened collaboratively with Whitelands College Roehampton and was on the theme ‘Epistemic Insight and Big Questions for Classrooms’. We were joined by speakers and guests from a diverse range of professions and disciplines – with teaching, science and theology particularly well represented, with group discussions supported by Lizzie Henderson and Stephanie Bryant from the Faraday Institute of Science and Religion.

One of the aspects that is particularly appealing about interacting with colleagues who are exploring similar questions is that new themes for research emerge via precisely this kind of event. This year it was the theme of awe and wonder, and whether and why wonder is a ‘means to an end’ or an end in its own right. Bishop Richard Cheetham took on this question directly.

Over the coming weeks we will send round summaries of key discussions and written input. For now this post shares some of the key questions that emerged. It is our hope that some of these questions will shape some of our research in upcoming new projects and may inspire others to do so to.

  1. Is there a way to assess young people based on the quality of the questions they ask rather than the answers they give?
  2. Does the very taxonomical language science uses change the way young people view nature?
  3. Are the media giving a fair portrayal of religious people?
  4. Can art help us as classroom practitioners to bridge science and religion?


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