Genetics Workshops


Workshop 1 (RE and/or Science) Guilty or Not Guilty?

Lawandorder01The workshop explores the extent to which genes and other factors determine a person’s personality. Students consider questions raised by an episode of the TV Drama, Law and Order – which presented the case of Jono, a 13 year old boy accused of murder. Was the defence lawyer right to say that Jono cannot be held responsible for his actions because he has the so-called Warrior gene? While exploring the issues raised by the programme students develop a deeper understanding of what genes are and what they are not.

Genes, Nature-Nurture Determinism and Free will


Workshop 2 – DNA Extraction

DNA Extraction


Workshop 3- You’re never alone with a clone

You’re never alone with a clone


Workshop 4 – Cloning Cauliflower

Cloning Cauliflower