LASAR Workshop Event 27/9/2017

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Big Questions of Life, the Universe and Everything!

The LASAR (Learning about Science and Religion) team at CCCU prepare for the arrival of students from nearby secondary schools.

We were pleased to greet more than 100 teenagers onto campus for a day of workshops as part of the LASAR (Learning about Science and Religion) research project. Guest speakers joined us from near and afar to provide workshops on Big Questions bridging science and religion. Students explored a range of puzzles and conundrums including ‘Can a robot have a soul?’, ‘Why does fake news stick?’ and ‘why are some questions more amenable to science than others?’

Even the lunch break was busy with a chance to interact with a state of the art humanoid robot to discover the potential and limits of current technology.

There are more LASAR events for schools this year – including another day of workshops in the summer. Please contact us to join our newsletter list and/or register your interest:


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