Symposium 2017

This year LASAR’s symposium will be convened jointly with Whitelands College at the University of Roehampton, 27th October 2017 – 11am – 5pm.

The symposium is designed in particular for teachers, teacher educators, researchers, academics … and those interested in science, religion and education.

The theme of the conference is ‘Epistemic Insight and Big Questions for Classrooms’, the outline of the day will run as follow with the following contributors;

  • Input 1: What are some of the big questions and why (Prof Tom McLeish and Dr David Wilkinson, Durham)
  • Input 2: Wonder – ok so we think providing opportunities for wonder is worthwhile but how do we build on children’s ‘wonder’ to achieve an educational outcome? (Bishop Richard Cheetham, Kingston)
  • Input 3: epistemic insight: EI is ‘knowledge about knowledge’. A curriculum for EI strategically bridges subject borders and is intended to help teachers to identify and address any gaps and confusions in students’ developing thinking about ways to address Big Questions.  (Prof Berry Billingsley and Dr Matt Pritchard, CCCU)
  • Input 4: Formats and reductionism: How can we make best use of the combinations of science classes and RE classes – case study when thinking about reductionism and biology: (Prof Michael Reiss and Ms Alexis Stones, UCL)
  • Input 5: Thought experiments and other methods used by scholars in many disciplines (Dr David Hay, Kings)