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We are presenting two workshops at the ASE (Association for Science Education) conference in January – more details below:

BERG: Primary school teachers’ attitudes to teaching evolution and inheritance: Findings from a survey in England. – T22
Thursday 5th January 2017

12:00 – 13:00

Location : Carrington, 201

1.Dr Keith Chappell – University of Reading
2.Martha Pipkin – University of Reading

The National Curriculum in England introduced a new programme of study for teaching from 2015 which included the inclusion of the topic of Evolution and Inheritance for year 6. Evolution is considered by scientists to be a fundamental concept in biological science and as such it was considered important that it should be included in the primary curriculum. However, very few primary sector teachers are science specialists and many have not have studied biology beyond the age of 16. This study examines primary school teachers’ attitudes to teaching evolution and inheritance:

BERG: Secondary students’ understanding of genetics, personality and behaviour – T37
Thursday 5th January 2017

14:00 – 15:00

Location : Carrington, 201

1.Professor Berry Billingsley – Canterbury Christ Church University
2.Dr Keith Chappell – University of Reading

The proposed presentation is part of the project’Being Human’, investigating students’ experience of learning about questions that bridge science and other curricular subjects. The paper illustrates findings from an original research study into students’ understanding of and attitudes to contemporary genetic research on human personality and behaviour.


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