16+ Conference on Science and Religion

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If Not Post-Truth – Then What Truth?

Westminster Abbey Education in partnership with
LASAR (Learning about Science and Religion) Centre

Unfolding the Road Map of Knowledge: a 16+ Conference
Thursday 9th March 2017 10.30-2.30

This one day event will transform how your students think about knowledge. Now that, we’re told, society is tired of facts and cynical about the value of evidence, this course restores young people’s belief in the powers of scholarship, reason and inquiry as ways to get closer to truth. Through questions that bridge school disciplines students will learn about the power and the limitations of science in preparation for ethical questions arising from developments in Computer Science and Robotics in their working lifetimes. Whether they are studying the sciences, social sciences or humanities, this day will give students a road map of what they’ve learnt, why they learnt it, why it felt so frantic at the time and where they go from here – all in a day.


10.30 Welcome and Introduction

10.35 Keynote Address by Dr Berry Billingsley:
If Not Post-truth – Then What Truth? Unfolding the Road Map of Knowledge
• Dr Billingsley demonstrates how compartmentalised school subjects have become and questions how we can draw disciplines together to create a coherent approach to knowledge.

11.00 Interactive Workshops: Science is all you need – or is it? – when the Anthrobots are coming!
• Students are given a mental workout through the sciences, philosophy, religion, economics, psychology and history in preparation for questions we’ve never before had to ask. Can a robot ever experience the world as we do? Would, should, could a robot fall in love? Could a robot be a better judge of character than a human? Meet our robots and decide!

11.45 Question Time: Big Questions about Life, the Universe and Everything
• A panel of experts from the fields of Science and Religious Studies addresses the sorts of cross-curricular questions that fall between the gaps of time-tabled lessons.

12.45 Lunch (not provided)

13.30-14.30 Tour of Westminster Abbey
• Some of the nation’s greatest scientists are buried and remembered at Westminster Abbey, highlighting how our understanding of ourselves and the universe has been shaped by different truth narratives post – Enlightenment. Students will explore the Abbey where Newton, Lyell and Darwin rest and consider some of the challenges their theories presented and the resolution the Abbey offers to these tensions.

Year 12 & 13 students
10.30 – 2.30
£7 per student includes a guided tour of the Abbey.

To book please email educationuk@westminster-abbey.org or phone 020 7654 4965.

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